Local Traditional Restaurants in Shanghai

Shanghai local food is a real treat, and a unique dining experience. Any local will tell you that there are several genres of food inside China, and Shanghai food is classified as its own distinct type. Locals love the seafood, including crab and shrimp, but since it is expensive, they settle for other dishes cooked in fish sauce.

Shanghai Ren Jia is a popular Shanghai local joint that offers exceptionally good side dishes. The green vegetables are delicious and cooked in a shrimp sauce that is unique and yet not overwhelming

Likewise, you'll find many local traditional dishes at Ye Shanghai, where local food is the primary product on offer. Again, the vegetables are delectable and memorable.

Bao Lu offers a variaty of meat dishes, including a great rendition of the traditional jiaozi dumplings. Even if you can't stomach everything on the menu, try a few dishes to get a taste for local cuisine.

Shanghai's cuisine is well represented at Zi Yan Kafe Guan. Here you can also try a few specialities, like liver, lung or heart stews. These are special treats to locals as they come infused with vitamins and do wonders for the body, according to Chinese traditional medicine.

Xi Jia Hua Yuan and Big Fan offer the chance to partake in local cuisine in a more modern way. There are fewer surprises, and the dishes may be more recognizable to travelers than at other local restaurants where frog and wrapped crab may be the specialties.

Di Shui Dong is a Hunan restaurant but the Shanghai locals love it for the spice and variety. After trying local Shanghai food, a trip to Di Shui Dong will be a great contrast and treat.

For a local tea house/restaurant, try Yuan Yuan Yuan, which is immensely popular with locals. They offer traditional snacks and high-priced healthy teas.

Finally, a more up-scale version of Shanghai cuisine is available at Old Shanghai Long Tang Restaurant and to a lesser degree, at Qian Xiang Ge Restaurant.

Shanghai Ren Jia

user rating

41 Yunnan Zhong Lu
by Yan An Lu

Home cooking... read more

Yè Shanghai

user rating

338 Huang Pi Nan Road
House 6, North Block

Local Shanghai favorites in style... read more

Bao Lu

user rating

2721 Fumin Lu
North of Changle Lu, 1 block east of Changshu Lu

Shanghai food at great prices with authentic decor... read more

Zi Yan Kafe Guan

80 Yan Dang Road

Simple Shanghainese dishes... read more

Xi Jia Hua Yuan

1 Dongping Lu
Near Yue Yang Rd

Tasty Shanghai cuisine in the middle of Shanghai...
read more

Big Fan

1440 Hong Qiao Road

Famous with locals for Shanghainese food... read more

expert pick

Di Shui Dong

2/F, 56 Maoming Nan Lu
Near Changle Lu

Traditional spicy Hunan cuisine, famous with locals and businessmen... read more

Yuan Yuan Yuan

880 Heng Shan Road

A tremendously busy teahouse... read more

Qian Xiang Ge Restaurant

625 Huaihai Road

Delicious Shanghainese cuisine... read more

Old Shanghai Long Tang Restaurant

201 Caoxi Bei Lu
Near Nandan Rd

Ancient Luxury that is traditionally Shanghaiese...
read more
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