Middle Eastern Restaurants in Shanghai

Although Shanghai has dozens of small mom and pop Middle Eastern restaurants, there are only so many that stay open for any length of time or that have English-language or picture menus. Of the bigger and more well known Middle Eastern Restaurants, there is an infusion of Mediterranean and Indian cuisine, making it more of a grand Persian genre than simple Middle Eastern fare.

Anadolu Turkish Restaurant and Istanbul Turkish Restaurant are two excellent Middle Eastern options for delicious kebabs, wraps and excellent grilled sides. The nan bread at both restaurants is delicious and worth the trip alone. Meanwhile, the lamb dishes are delectable and excite the senses.

Hazara and Indian Kitchen are well known, respected Indian cuisine restaurants that have decidedly Middle Eastern influences, especially in the multitude of meat dishes. Hazara is an upper scale eatery with immaculate decor and great service while Indian Kitchen has trusted traditional dishes from the north and south of India as well as a few Pakistani dishes done simply but expertly.

Xinjiang, China's north-western most province and a Muslim influenced area, has food around Shanghai including the Shanghai Xinjiang Fengwei and Yershari Xinjiang Restaurant. Both serve delicious lagman, nan and lamb as well as simple chicken dishes. Both are affordable and yet filling, and the decor is simple and clean.

Tong Guang Niu and Hongchangxing are both Middle Eastern restaurants with simple menus that cover a range of Middle Eastern dishes and range from north African to Mediterranean and Indian influences in traditional Middle Eastern dishes.

Finally, the Olive and Haya's offer Mediterranean dishes with Middle Eastern influences. The kebabs, fellaffel and hummus at these establishment are legendary and worth a trip in and of themselves, but the lamb dishes are Middle Eastern, as is the nan and drink selections.

Anadolu Turkish Restaurant

No 1, 156 Xingye Road
(cross Madang Road)

Original Turkish Food and authentic entertainment...
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Istanbul Turkish Restaurant & Bar

900 Huai Hai Mid Road

Young Turks unite in this tasty imported culinary masterpiece... read more

Hongchangxing Muslim Restaurant & Food Co. Ltd.

10F, 288 Guangxi Bei Road

Best Muslim restaurant in Shanghai with room for large groups... read more

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Ruìjin Èr Lù 118
Building 4, Ruìjin Binguan, between Yongjia Lù and Fùxing Zhong Lu

Magically exotic Indian delights with amazing service... read more

Shanghai Xinjiang Fengwei Fandian

280 Yishan Lu
Nandan Nan Lu

A Taste of Uighur... read more

Yershari Xinjiang Restaurant

106 Nandan Dong Rd
Tianyao Rd

Chua'r and Home Made Dark Beer... read more

Tong Guang Niu Yang

373 Wuyi Road

Prepared like a well-oiled Chinese banquet, with local favorites and expat treats alike... read more

Indian Kitchen

572 Yong Jia Road
Between Yueyang Lu and Wulumuqi Nan Lu

Spicy, Tangy and Very Delicious Indian cuisine...
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728 Pu Dong Street
Novotel Atlantis Shanghai Hotel

Go Mediterranean!... read more

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Haya's Mediterranean Cuisine

415 Dahu Lu

Tasty Mediterranean treats, the best in Shanghai...
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