Thai Restaurants in Shanghai

Shanghai is closer to Thailand than you might think. Its only a short flight or a long train ride away and, as a result, Thai influences and food have made their way up into China's most populated city.

Baan Thai and La Na Thai are traditional, authentic Thai eateries where you'll be wowed by the simple noodle, fish and vegetable dishes. Come for the food and stay because you're literally too gorged to walk out of the restaurant.

Irene's Thai and Kevin's Thai are authentic Thai restaurants that are simple, elegant and offer a first class menu at an affordable price. If you find yourself in China craving Thai food, these are the first places you'll want to go to fill your cravings.

For high class Thai and the perfect place for a romantic date, head to Simply Thai, where the decor and atmosphere will do all the hard work for you. Simple dishes done expertly are on offer here while the mood and music make this a place you'll want to stay hour on hour, relaxing and enjoying yourself the way they do in the Land of Smiles. Althernatively, Thaitanium is a fun, more laid back place for a romantic date where perhaps wowing her the old fashioned way with candles, charm and music isn't going to cut it.

Other South-East Asian cuisines on offer in Shanghai include delicious Vietnamese at the San Francisco Vietnamese Restaurant, and general Thai-Vietnamese food at Coconut Paradise. You'll also find South-East Asian influences at Element Fresh and Atrium Cafe.

Baan Thai

1479 Fuxing Zhong Lu
Fuxing Park

Fine Curry in unimpressive decor...
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Irene's Thai

263 Tongren Lu

Delicious Thai food plus cooking lessons on the side!...
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Lan Na Thai

user rating

118 Ruijin 2 Road
Ruijin Hotel

An exotic Thailand treat with fantastic Lan Na Thai...
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Simply Thai

user rating

5 Dongpíng Lù, Unit C
between Héngshan Lù and Yuèyáng Lù

Charming and Intimate, with a comfortable feel and romantic vibe...
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161 Xian Xia Road

Thai-style fast food...
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Atrium Cafe

250 Hua Shan Road
Hilton Shanghai

Fun dining and entertainment 24 hours a day...
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Kevin's Bar

Suite 4, 946 Chang Le Road
(near Wulu Mu Qi Road)

Make Yourself At Home with this delightful Thai family eatery...
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Coconut Paradise

38 Fumin Road
(near Yan'an Road)

Thai food for those with serious curry and spice-loving palates...
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San Francisco Vietnamese Restaurant

1 Hong Qiao Road

Casual dining...
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Element Fresh

expert pick

1376 Nanjing Xi Lu
Shanghai Center

Colorful Place, Colorful Food, and extremely healthy...
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