Five Star Restaurants in Shanghai

Shanghai is a city intent on enjoying itself. 5-Star restaurants are not hard to come by, and Shanghai attracts world-renowned chefs from across the globe to provide the very finest cuisines to the lucky residents and visitors of Shanghai. From Laris, an impeccable establishment determined to ruin all other food for us by comparison, to Jean George, whose food creations are the Mona Lisa's of the edible industries. 5-Star sushi and authentic Indian are just a few of the elite alternatives to the delectable steakhouses and European cuisine establishments. Whatever your taste buds crave, Shanghai can provide at the highest quality!

Napa Wine Bar & Kitchen is an establishment where perfection can actually be found on the menu. You'll wonder why no other chef has ever been able to make your taste buds dance until now.

 Hazara is world-famous, first-class cuisine in an environment appropriately cultural and yet relaxed and modern. The staff are astonishingly multi-lingual and can translate the massive menu and help you find dishes you'll enjoy.

Jean George came to Shanghai with but one mission-- to raise the bar on Shanghai's restaurant scene and infuse the area with new standards on opulent European cuisine. This world-famous chef doesn't disappoint, and Jean George ranks as first on Shanghai's 5-star dining options.

Laris is a local favorite with an international reputation. With a world-renown chef, a chocolate fountain and a classy martini bar, how could you not love Laris? After one visit, you know you've found a new favorite.

When in the mood for upscale Japanese cuisine and fine sushi, head directly to Haiku. You'll find a merry crowd served with impeccable taste in traditional decor.

Oyama Sushi Bar is another Japanese restaurant with an excellent, 5-star reputation. You'll be sure to find something you love on the menu while the decor, service and atmosphere leave nothing to be desired.

Kathleen's 5 Rooftop Restaurant was an instant classic when it arrived on the Shanghai fine dining scene. Fine American cuisine and an astonishing view of the Bund come together to demonstrate that fine dining isn't always European fare.

The Grand Cafe is another fine example of 5-star American dining. Known for their coffee and decor, Grand Cafe specializes in making the customer happy.

The Gongdelin Vegetarian Restaurant brings 5-star standards to the vegetarian cuisine scene. Excellent non-animal harming foods done to new heights. Even if you aren't a vegetarian you'll find yourself wondering if eating meat is really necessary after one visit to Gongdelin.

Moon's Steakhouse and Prime Rib offer high-quality meat selections and prime cuts of beef and pork. You'll find no other Steakhouse offers as much in terms of quality, taste and decor.

Whatever you are seeking, Beijing has a five-star option to satisfy even the most discerning of taste buds.

Gongdelin Vegetarian Restaurant

user rating

expert pick

445 Nan Jing West Road

Popular vegan spot for anyone with like-minded eating habits...
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Haya's Mediterranean Cuisine

expert pick

415 Dahu Lu

Tasty Mediterranean treats, the best in Shanghai...
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Dolar Shop

expert pick

601 Zhangyang Lu
9th Floor Pudong International Food Centre, Near Laoshan Xi Lu

Flavorful Hot pot with fantastic decor...
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Oyama Sushi Bar

expert pick

20 Donghu Lu, 2F
Near Huaihai Lu

Sushi done perfectly, prices that wont make you cry...
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Jade on 36 Restaurant & Bar

user rating

33 Fu Cheng Road, Level 36, Tower 2
Level 36 Tower 2

Skyline views with oriental artistry and international cuisine...
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KABB Bar & Grill

user rating

181 Taicang Lu
House 5

Quaint chic eatery with funky decor and friendly service...
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1931 Cafe Pub

user rating

112 Mao Ming South Road
Huaihai Zhong Lu

For a lively and old fashioned tea time...
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user rating

59 Mao Ming Nan South Road
Jin Jiang Hotel

Carnival dining on Shanghai's famous food street...
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Jean Georges

user rating

4/F 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road
Near Guangdong Lu

Opulent French Cuisine with world renowned chef...
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Kathleen's 5 Rooftop Restaurant

user rating

325 Nanjing Xi Lu, Huangpi Bei Lu

Rooftop View of the Bund with infamous American cuisine...
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Shanghai Slims

building 10-12 (26D), Sinan Mansion, Fuxing Road #523, near Sinan Road

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Vargas Grill

18 Dong Ping Road
3/F, Near Wulumuki Road

Char-Grilled Flavors...
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Gioiamia Italian Restaurant & Lounge Bar

92 Xuan Hua Road

Casual Italian Dining...
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Purple Restaurant & Wine Bar

1333 Huai Hai Zhong Lu
Level 2

Trendy Restaurant...
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Napa Wine Bar & Kitchen

57 Jiangyin Lu

Dine with Excellent Wine...
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Lange Bar & Restaurant

661 Wuding Road

Spaghetti Over Hakka Noodles...
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Yershari Xinjiang Restaurant

106 Nandan Dong Rd
Tianyao Rd

Chua'r and Home Made Dark Beer...
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Dai's Kitchen

110 Yan An Dong Rd
Near Sichuan Rd

German Kitchen in the Bund...
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My Kitchen

1783 Huaihai Zhong Rd
Near Wanping Rd

Hangzhou Specialties...
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Uighur Restaurant

1 Shaanxi Nan Lu
Near Yan'an Zhong Lu

Eat and Enjoy Uighur, Bollywood Music too!...
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