Cajun & Creole Restaurants in Shanghai

Sadly, Shanghai doesn't have a large Cajun & Creole dining scene, and this is somewhat surprising because Shanghai and New Orleans have so much in common. Both are huge party cities that cherish pleasure above all else. Fashion, food, simple luxuries and amazingly well-mixed drinks are at the heart of the similarities between these two great cities. What Shanghai does have in Cajun & Creole restaurants, however, is an impressive fare.

Bourbon Street is an authentic New Orleans eatery where you'll find all the southern favorites with special care and chef's attention to Cajun treats. You'll find music you'd love to dance to, drinks you could sip all afternoon long and food to make you return time and again.

Similarly, the Cafe du Monde offers a fusion blend that includes the lively mix of French and Cajun & Creole cuisine, a perfect blend for a food style that has its roots in the French culinary tradition mixed with the spice and variety of life found in New Orleans.

For a bit of a more corporate American taste, head to Blue Frog or KABB Bar & Grill, where you'll find a bit of Cajun spice and sundry homages to Creole cuisine on the menus. It isn't overly southern, but you'll notice the chef must have had a hankering for crawdads when he penned the menu.

If you like seafood and love spice, head to Kakadu, where you can dine on Australian crocodile, emu and other strange creatures from the outback. Similar to Cajun & Creole food, this type of specialty cuisine offers a whole new way of viewing your food.

Like Kakadu, Hazara is a specialty shop. Fine Indian done with spices even the toughest Cajun might have trouble with are on offer, but the real draw is the decor, smells and staff. If you were craving Cajun and couldn't find it, this might be your next best bet to appease our spicy tooth.

If you love southern food for the seafood it contains, head to Tan's Fish Restaurant, Pu-J's or Kaiba for international tapas, seafood and all the shrimp you could devour. Not Cajun, not Creole, but definitely of the same culinary tradition of excellent spices mixed with creatures from the deep.

Bourbon Street

191 Hengshan Road

New Orleans style cuisine and Cajun treats...
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Cafe du Monde

199 Fang Dian Road
Pudong Zendai Thumb Plaza, 2nd level, Units 06-07

From Shanghai to New Orleans... read more

Boxing Cat Brewery

82 Fu Xing Road West
Off Yong Fu Road

Freshly Brewed Beer... read more

expert pick

Blue Frog

206 No. 100 Century Avenue, Pudong
Shanghai World Financial Center

Delicious American cuisine with subtle ambiance...
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KABB Bar & Grill

user rating

181 Taicang Lu
House 5

Quaint chic eatery with funky decor and friendly service... read more

expert pick


8 Jianguo Zhong Lu

Exotic Aussie cuisine complete with crocodile and emu... read more

expert pick


Ruìjin Èr Lù 118
Building 4, Ruìjin Binguan, between Yongjia Lù and Fùxing Zhong Lu

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Tan's Fish Restaurant

537 Maotai Road

Delicious Hunan fare... read more


528 Kangding Lu
Near Xikang Lu

The beer lover's paradise with a vast import variety... read more


88 Shiji Dadao
Grand Hyatt Hotel Shanghai

Tapas extravaganza!... read more
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