Australian Restaurants in Shanghai

G'day, mate! Head down under to these Aussie establishments for an Aussie-inspired evening of fine dining. Not your average Outback steakhouses, these Aussie favorites are high class, and represent the finest dining culture in Sydney.

Laris, owned by world famous Aussie chef, has a rotating menu of amazing options. You never see a guest leave unsatisfied. A chocolate fountain martini bar and buffet brunch are all reasons that Laris is a favorite in Shanghai.

M on the Bund, owned by an Aussie entrepreneur who works across China, is a high-class and exotic Aussie option where you'll see the finest the outback has to offer. Plush seating, $10 drinks and costumed dancers all make this an amazing night out.

Ciao Sydney Cafe is a more affordable although still impressive cafe option. For a lighter lunch, this is the go-to place in Shanghai for an Aussie lunch.

Mr. Stone, likewise, is a great little secret that many don't want publicized. You'll feel like a longtime local when you walk in the door and the great outback food will keep you returning time and again.

For the top-of-the-line in exotic Aussie cuisine, Kakadu has the Shanghai market curbed. Here you'll find crocodile meat, emu steaks and other delicacies that are directly imported for the restaurant. The place is expensive, sure, but its also delicious and well worth the cost.

The remaining options are fusion restaurants with Australian influences in terms of the sandwiches, meats and methodology. You'll find the restaurants above an interesting experience while the remaining options are a low-key meal.


user rating

6/F 3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Lu
Near Guangdong Lu

Fine Dining with a famous chef and astonishing view... read more

expert pick

M on the Bund

user rating

7/F, No. 5 The Bund
Guangdong Lu

Modern cuisine with an old-fashioned view and renown atmosphere... read more

Ciao Sydney Cafe

521 Wan Ping South Road
(On the corner of Ling Ling Road)

Quaint family owned cafe with Shanghai's best pizza... read more

Mr. Stone

Rm2 No4 Heng Shan Road
The Promenade

Australian food cooked on volcanic rocks before your eyes... read more

expert pick


8 Jianguo Zhong Lu

Exotic Aussie cuisine complete with crocodile and emu... read more

Mesa & Manifesto

748 Julu Road

Great Food Manifested in elegant space with much to offer... read more


124 Jinxian Lu

Quaint restaurant with no menu and only 4 tables...
read more

A Future Perfect

user rating

No. 16, Lane 351 Huashan Lu
Near Changshu Lu

A Delightful Western Get away with excellent cuisine and a great atmosphere... read more

Jean Georges

user rating

4/F 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road
Near Guangdong Lu

Opulent French Cuisine with world renowned chef...
read more

Whampoa Club

user rating

3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi
Three on the Bund

The real taste of Shanghai... read more
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